Budget buys: November favourites

Budget buys November favourites - Girl about townhouseIt’s time to talk about my November favourite budget buys. When it comes to budget shopping, I’m like a magpie. I love finding things that look much more expensive than they are and I love saving money.  So every month I’ll be letting you know about the bargains I’ve found. 

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like somebody pressed a fast forward button on November? All of a sudden we’ve arrived in December and I’m feeling completely unprepared for Christmas. Usually I have most of my Christmas shopping done by now, but I’ve been so wrapped up with blogging this month that I’m only just starting.

Speaking of blogging, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s been dropping by to read the blog. I still can’t quite believe what google analytics is telling me about my page views for my first month of blogging, but it’s awesome and it’s all down to you lovely people, so thanks! Uh, let’s move on before this turns in to a cringeworthy Oscar acceptance speech.

Right, here we go:

November Favourite Budget Buys

Glass Mason jar with straw, Pound Stretcher, 59p

I thought this would be great for drinking fancy hot chocolates in, with whipped cream and all the trimmings. Maybe even mulled wine. Is it ok to drink mulled wine with a straw? Surely it’s acceptable at Christmas? I couldn’t believe the price either, such amazing bargain.

Budget buys November favourites - Girl about townhouse

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase, Amazon, £3.85

I love to read, but I’ve been stuck in a rut reading thrillers forever. This debut novel from Eve Chase, was a welcome change of pace. It’s an absorbing mixture of mystery and romance set in present day and the 1960’s. There’s plenty of suspense, tragedy and unexpected plot twists. If you want to completely lose yourself in an atmospheric book for a couple of days, this is the one. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end and I can’t wait for the next novel!

Arctic Fox Faux fur throw, Sainsbury’s, £30

I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for a while, because they are so damn cosy and wintery. However, a lot of the cheaper ones tend to shed their fur (and I already have an extremely fluffy cat to do this). I am happy to confirm that this one doesn’t shed, it feels so soft and it’s one of the cheapest one’s I’ve seen. It actually had 25% off when I bought it too. It’s perfect if you want to add some winter wonderland glam to your living room or bedroom.

Budget buys November favourites - Girl about townhouse

Light up advent calendar, Aldi, £8.99

To say I’m slightly obsessed with this advent calendar is an understatement and if you follow me on instagram or twitter you may already know this. It is such nice quality and I just can’t get over the price. It’s extremely similar to a beautiful Gisela Graham one that is sold at Harrods for over £50 more. I love the fact that although it’s an advent calendar, it’s also a gorgeous decoration too. Now I need to remember to collect tiny gifts through the year to fill it.

Budget buys November favourites - Girl about townhouse

Gingerbread Vinter Candle, Ikea, £2.50

This is basically Christmas in a candle. I love it when candles make your home smell like fresh baking! It has the traditional red Scandi pattern on the glass and smells so festive. It doesn’t give off the strongest scent when lit, which given the price I wasn’t expecting, so you need to make sure that it’s close enough. Then you can enjoy the gingerbready goodness.

White Christmas Cookie tin, Aldi, £6.99

If you bake cookies at Christmas you need this in your life, it comes with the cutest festive stamps and cutters. My son and I bake cookies every Christmas Eve ready for Santa and I’m hoping Santa will appreciate the upgrade this year ; ) The tin is perfect for storing any Christmas leftovers in too.

Budget buys November favourites - Girl about townhouse

Elf door, The card factory, £1.99 (in store)

I wish I could have captured the look on my little boys face when he discovered this elf door had arrived at our house. It comes complete with tiny key and magic glitter to let the elf know it’s time to move in. I’m doing a unofficial elf on the shelf this year and I also found a countdown to christmas reward chart which seems to be working wonders to get the little monkey to bed on time.

Check scarf, Primark, £5

I couldn’t resist including this gorgeous burnt orange check scarf. The fabric is really thick and super soft, making it the most perfect winter scarf. It’s a nice long length, so you have the option to wear it in lots of different ways. I like wearing it with my navy peacoat, cream gloves and hat. Bring on the snow please!

These are my favourite budget buys from November! Now I want to know what bargains you’ve found. 

Let me know in the comments below. 



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