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How to hang pictures with no frames – 5 ideas

Want to hang pictures without buying lots of frames?

If you love decorating your home with art and photos, the cost of frames can mount up. But if you’re prepared to get a little bit creative, there are lots of cool ways to hang pictures without breaking the bank.

How to hang pictures without frames - Girl about townhouse

How to hang pictures without frames - Girl about townhouse

1# Washi tape

Simple, quick and a super easy way to hang pictures. It’s also a great way of adding a splash of colour to your walls, without any commitment. Changing the look of your room? Peel it off and start again!

The key with washi tape is to rip it for an edgy look. Simply rip 4 pieces off and attach diagonally to each corner. This is also one of the quickest ways I can think of to create a gallery wall. The beauty of washi tape is that it’s strong enough to hold the paper on, but shouldn’t damage your wall when you remove it (as long as you’re careful).

Looks great in: Home office, play room, teen & tween bedrooms

How to hang pictures without frames - Girl about townhouse

2# Coat hanger

I have two ideas for how to use hangers to hang pictures. Use a wire coat hanger and small pegs or a clip to hang the art. Or you could use a coat hanger with trouser clips. Use a transparent command hook to attach the hanger for a minimalist look.

You can spray paint the hangers to fit in with your colour scheme.

Looks great in: Bedroom, Dressing room

How to hang pictures without frames - Girl about townhouse3# Fairy lights

They will need to be battery operated. I draped these over a pin nail that was already in the wall. You’ll want the battery pack to be a good 2ocm down from the nail, so that you can cover it. Then hang pictures with paper clips, mini pegs or small clips – whatever you have to hand. Attach them at various intervals along the length of the light string.

I think this looks really good with postcards or photos, but I’ve gone with a few henna style doodles I drew.

Looks great in: Every room – who says fairly lights are just for Christmas?!

4# Clipboard

I love this idea, it looks cool and there is zero effort required. No need to even hang your art on the wall, although obviously you could if you wanted to. Simply clip your picture on to the clipboard and prop it up against a wall.

Cover your clipboard in wrapping paper with a cool print or contact paper to add some colour in to your room.

Looks great in: Hallway, home office, living room.

How to hang pictures without frames - Girl about townhouse

5# String bunting

Decide how long you want the bunting to be and trim your string to size. Pop a command hook at either end and then tie small loops at each end of the string or use washi tape. Attach the string and again use any clips you have to hang pictures.

I always use string bunting to display Christmas and Birthday cards, it’s a great space saver if you don’t have much surface space and will avoid looking cluttered.

Looks great in: Play room, Child’s room

So there you have it, how to hang pictures without using frames. Hopefully this will save you a buck or two on displaying your art and photos. If you like the graphic prints pictured below, they’re all yours. Just click below to download instantly and print, absolutely free.

How to hang pictures without frames - Girl about townhouse

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