Goal setting worksheet (free printable)

Goal setting worksheet - Girl about townhouseCan writing your goals down help you to achieve them?

Following on from the post I wrote about keeping your NY resolution and how to have a more productive day, I want to talk about the G word. Yup, goals (and how to grab your free goal setting worksheet, but we’ll get to that).

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately, it’s kind of a hot topic in the blogging community. I recently started a blogging course run by Aby from You baby me mummy. If you’re a blogger she has amazing tips and blogging advice, so check out her website if you haven’t already. She mentioned the importance of writing your goals down and that studies have found that those who do, are significantly more likely to achieve them.

So I thought I would put the findings from the experiment to the test. It takes hardly any time to write them down and it’s an excuse to get new stationary, so really what do you have to lose?

Goal setting worksheet - Girl about townhouse

A few weeks ago I went shopping and purchased this slightly over priced, but oh so pretty daily journal from urban outfitters *. What is it about stationary? I just love the stuff! Each page has a space to write your objectives, to do’s, projects, notes and a time-table. Ah bliss!

Goal setting worksheet - Girl about townhouse

Ever since I started writing down my goals for the day, I’ve been ticking them off like there’s no tomorrow. No casual browsing on Facebook because I get distracted. No dithering for half an hour because I can’t decide what to do next and eventually deciding that I should make a cup of tea. I am a driven, focused, get stuff done type person (mostly).

Goal Setting Worksheet

I came  across this fab idea on Pinterest and I thought surely having my goals out where I can see them would be even better. So I’ve designed my free printable version for all you goal setters out there!

Simply print the goal setting worksheet and then clip to your clipboard, stick to the wall with washi tape or even pop inside a photo frame for a neater look. Then use your post it notes to write your goals on.

I’ve designed one for larger post-it notes (76mm x 76mm) and one for smaller post-it notes (47mm x 47mm).

Goal setting worksheet - Girl about townhouseGoal setting worksheet - Girl about townhouse

Goal setting worksheet (free printable) - girl about towhouse

I use my Journal for daily goals and the goals setting worksheet for weekly goals and to keep a record of upcoming blog posts for the next 3 weeks.

Don’t forget to check out these posts for tips on how to achieve your goals and how to have a more productive day.

What helps you tick of your to do’s? Let me know in the comments. 

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Goal setting worksheet - Girl about townhouse




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