21 Christmas activity ideas for kids & free checklist

21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouseChristmas activity ideas that are perfect for the holidays.

It’s the Christmas holidays, the kids are excited. Two weeks off school to stay at home!

Day 1 -3, you are officially super Mum (or Dad)!

Keeping the kids entertained with lots of festive fun, getting your housework done ready for the big day. You’ve even wrapped some presents already. Go you!

Skip to day 4. You’re tearing your hair out.

The kids are watching Paw Patrol on repeat and scoffing that tin of chocolates that were supposed be saved for Christmas Day. If you hear a sentence that starts with “Mummy, I just need ….” (insert your own impossible small person demand here) you might just lose it.

Well I have a little something just for you, to help you keep your sanity.

I’ve come up with some Christmas activity ideas, for when you need some inspiration. You can keep the little ones happy and you can keep your super mum cool.

I’ve created a free printable checklist for you to print and stick on the fridge. Or if you like surprises, cut up the ideas fold them up, pop in a bowl and then get the kids to pick them out at random.

21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouse

Christmas Activity Ideas

Go for a Christmas light walk – There’s always that one street that goes crazy for Christmas lights, scope out where your nearest one is. When it get’s dark, wrap up warm and go on a light walk. Christmas jumpers optional.

Make a hot chocolate bar – this can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can take a look at my attempt here and find out how to make chocolate stirring wands.21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouse

Bake cookies for santa – This is a tradition of ours, we make them every Christmas eve and then leave them out for santa to enjoy. Lucky Santa ; )

Make reindeer food – Just mix glitter and oats, then place in a ziplock bag. I love taking my son to scatter this outside the front door on Christmas Eve, although we are still finding glitter almost a year later.

Go to see santa – Obviously!

Make a snowman picture with cotton wool – do you wanna build a snowman? Probably not, but they will. Using some coloured paper, glue and cotton wool balls help them create a snowman.

Design Christmas hats – using any card you have to hand, help them to make and decorate a christmas hat. I made this with my son because he had a hat competition at school. Tutorial here

21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouse

Grab your free checklist

Cut out snowflakes – grab a piece of paper, fold it up and let them go to town with kid-friendly scissors. You know the drill.

Go to a Carol concert – or sing carols at home if church isn’t your thing. Then reward yourself with mulled wine.

Watch a Christmas movie in your PJs under blankets – OK you can skip the PJs and blanket if you must, but it makes it so cosy! Even the cat joins in with this one. Plus you get to sit down, score!

Decorate a gingerbread house – I bought a ready to decorate one from Aldi last year, it looked so lovely I really didn’t want to eat it!21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouse

Make a DIY Christmas photobooth – Take a trip the pound shop. Get some full on festive tack – santa hats, christmas sunglasses, elf ears and moustaches. Then let the festive photo shoot commence!

Have a Christmas tree picnic – set out your blanket and have a Christmas picnic under the tree by twinkling fairly lights. The children could invite their favourite teddy too.

Write a letter to/draw a picture for Santa – You can use this website to print a personalised reply to your child’s letter and no email address is required.

Have a Christmas storytime afternoon – Pay a visit to the library or raid your bookshelves for Christmas themed books. Plonk yourselves by the Christmas tree and read for as long as they’ll pay attention.

Wrapping up academy – Help your little one’s learn to wrap up gifts. Grab a selection of their toys, some cheap wrapping paper and Sellotape and let them try to wrap them up. They have the fun of unwrapping them too. Plus, once they’ve mastered the skill they can help you with your wrapping!

Grab you free Christmas activity idea checklist!

Make paperchains – Buy them ready-made or make using leftover scraps of wrapping paper. My son could spend hours making these! It’s a great activity if you need to keep them occupied, while you get something done.

Christmas postman – Deliver all the Christmas cards to your nearby friends and neighbours.

Make pompoms – No snow? No problem! Make some pompoms with a ball of wool and some cardboard (not sure how? Take a look at this video), then have your own indoor snowball fight.

Christmas mystery box – Find an empty box and fill it with Christmas items: Bauble, cracker, santa hat, candy cane etc. Cover up the box with a blanket, let your child put their hand in the box and guess the items using touch only.

Make tree decorations – Check out my tutorial on how to make these simple salt dough decorations. You can make them with items from your kitchen cupboards. Decorate with felt tips if you don’t have paint.

21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouse

I hope these Christmas activity ideas will help you to remain cool, calm and collected during the holidays!

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What’s your favourite activity to do with the kids in the Christmas holidays? Let me know in the comments below. 

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21 Christmas activity ideas for kids - Girl about townhouse

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