Oh hi there!

I’m Caroline and I have a passion for all things creative. I like good coffee (all about those pumpkin spice lattes right now) and I’m obsessed with home style, accessories and interior design.

A little over a year ago we decided that we had outgrown our little two up, two down house. We started to look for a family home for my husband and I, our impossibly cheeky 4-year-old son and our two
cats, Oscar (grumpy) and Bella (fluffy).  That’s when we discovered a delightfully quirky mock Georgian townhouse, we were smitten and the rest is history. Although it’s certainly in good decorative order (compared to some of the wrecks we considered), I’m ready to put our stamp all over it.

That’s where you come in!

I’ve launched this blog for people, like me, who are looking for affordable ways to create a home they love and a lifestyle to match. Whether that means, DIY projects, upcyling or simply shopping in the right places, I’m here to help!

I hope you will find some inspiration here in the form of:

  • Room makeovers
  • Home styling and design ideas
  • DIY and craft tutorials
  • Recipes (cakes and desserts are my thing)
  • Family days out

and much more, all on modest budget. I believe home should be your happy place, so let’s get cracking!

Where shall we start?

Let’s design

Let’s create

Let’s cook

Let’s chat