About your house: Lauretta Wright

Girl about townhouse has been up and running for a little over five months now and I thought it would be nice to hear some fresh voices over here. So with that in mind, I’ll be quizzing bloggers who love interior design about all things home-related. I mean there’s nothing that fascinates me more than other people’s houses!

This month we’ll be hearing from Lauretta Wright who blogs over at Home and Horizon, about affordable travel and thrifty interiors.

About your house: Lauretta Wright


What type of home do you have?

I live in a semi-detached, four-bedroom house (built circa 1950s). It had previously been extended prior to us moving in, but we’ve since converted the garage into an office as I work from home a lot.

Who lives there and how long have you lived there?

We moved in 8 years ago and I live with my husband and two kids – Luis (11) and Nadja (9).

Describe your interior style in 5 words.

Warm, welcoming, balanced, eclectic & transitional.

What’s your favourite room in the house and why?

It has to be the kitchen – this is the hub of the home and it’s where we all congregate at the end of the day to chat, eat meals and get homework done. When friends come over for a cuppa we also end up in the kitchen – either sat on the sofa or at the peninsula on the bar stools. I’ve tried to make the room colourful and I’ve got a huge ‘We Can Do It’ 50s poster on the wall to inspire the kids when they’re doing their homework at the table. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

About your house: Lauretta Wright

About your house: Lauretta Wright

About your house: Lauretta Wright

Is there anything unusual about your home?

Nothing unusual as such, but it’s always quite lively – and we do our best to make it a happy one. Even now we’ll still play games such as Hide and Seek with the kids. I want them to grow up having happy memories of their childhood home. The only thing I’d change about the house if I could is to have side access to the garden. When the family who previously owned the house extended it, they didn’t take into account side access – it makes garden deliveries practically impossible!

What’s your favourite home gadget?

Ooooh – I have two (but only because they work in unison!) It’s my Amazon Echo Dot and my Nest device. I can talk to my Amazon Echo Dot and ask it to put the hot water on or turn the heating up (it links to the Nest) – and when I’m away from home I use my mobile to turn the heating or hot water on/off with my Nest app. It’s great for when we’re away on holiday – no more worrying if we remembered to turn the heating off – and we never come back to a cold house!

Read Lauretta’s review of nest here.

What’s your best tip for decorating your home on a budget?

Interior trends change relatively quickly, but the great news is that many High Street shops are quick to capitalise on trends with their own versions, so don’t discount looking for similar pieces in shops if you’ve seen something ‘designer’.

Also, charity shops are great places to hunt for bargains, but my absolute favourite place to find that ‘one-off’ special something at a great price has got to be car boot sales. I’m normally there every week on a Sunday throughout the summer.

Also (sorry couldn’t resist giving another tip!) sign up to newsletters like B&Q, Homebase & Wilkos etc… some things (like paint) should never be scrimped on, so make sure you can get the best you can afford. If you sign up to newsletters you’ll be the first to hear about great deals and can therefore plan when to buy paint to get the most bang for your buck.

Where do you like to shop for home decor?

My favourite shop is probably TKMaxx as I always seem to find something unique in there that not many other people have. I also love shops such as The Range, Homesense (sister company of TKMaxx), Home Bargains, Dunelm-Mill, Matalan and B&M. And did I mention I like boot fairs?

What’s the last item you bought for your house?

I’ve just purchased a gorgeous Chesterfield-style sofa (with a modern twist) for my office. I’ve been waiting nearly a year for the right sofa – but it was so worth it! It was from and cost £435.

About your house: Lauretta Wright

What is your next project in the home?

We plan to forgo our annual two-week summer holiday this year in favour of buying a summerhouse for the garden. As the kids are getting older, it will be nice to have a space where they can entertain their friends (but I can keep an eye on them!). They want a games console, huge TV and sofa bed in there; my husband wants to turn it into a cinema room, complete with sound-proofing and projector screen, while I wouldn’t mind a mini gym. I reckon the kids will win that one though!

Where do you get inspiration for home decor?

I’m a bit of a magazine hoarder – my favourite mags being Style At Home, Home Style and Your Home. But I also get ideas from other bloggers, Instagram and Pinterest, which always has something that catches my eye – especially wooden pallets. Some people are absolute geniuses when it comes to making things out of wooden pallets – coffee tables, bookshelves…even seating!

If you had a spare room in your house, that you could do absolutely anything with, what would you do with it?

I love this question! If I won the lottery then I’d definitely have to buy a house with an indoor swimming pool – me and the kids love to swim and I’d go every day if I could. But being realistic, if it’s a spare room then I’d have it as a workshop where I could craft and upcycle items that I bought at boot fairs to my heart’s content!

I hope you enjoyed hearing from the lovely Lauretta. How gorgeous is her kitchen?

Be sure to check out her brilliant blog Home and horizon for interior inspiration and top travel deals. 

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    What a great post, and like you, I LOVE having a nosey in someone’s home. I adore that sofa with the coloured buttons, ESPECIALLY. xx

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