Cherry Almond Victoria Sandwich Cake - Girl about townhouse

Cherry & Almond Victoria Sandwich Cake

A cherry and almond twist on a Victoria Sandwich Cake. Perhaps my favourite cake of all time is a classic victoria sandwich cake . Although I do really like red velvet ….. and carrot cake and lemon drizzle. OK…

7 tips for a more productive day - Girl about townhouse

7 tips for a more productive day

Do you wish you could have a more productive day? Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you’ve achieved barely anything you actually intended to? You’ve spent the whole day chasing your tail,…

Leftover Chilli Enchiladas - Girl about townhouse

Leftover chilli con carne enchiladas

The perfect recipe for using up leftover chilli con carne! My husband is a bloody brilliant cook, he really is! Not only that, but he will happily cook the dinner. I know, I’m lucky.  I’m not telling you this…

Marbled print girl about townhouse

Marbled prints – a step-by-step tutorial

I’m loving everything marbled right now and marbled prints are no exception! I think that marbled prints are going to be big this year (see my post about 2017 interior trends, to see what else we can look forward…

How to live on a budget and still buy what you want - Girl about townhouse

How to live on a budget & buy things you want!

Is it really possible to live on a budget and still buy things you want? Oh it certainly is my budget-bound friend *releases celebratory confetti cannon*! I won’t sugar coat it. Living on a budget can be tough! But…

2017 Interior trends - Girl about townhouse

2017 Interior trends: digging demin blue

2017 Interior trends – what’s new?  When it comes to 2017 interior trends, I’m afraid I’ve got the January blues. Don’t worry they’re the good kind! The Dulux colour of the year 2017, denim drift kind to be precise.…

5 favourite festive posts - Girl about townhouse

Merry Christmas & 3 fab festive blog posts

Merry Christmas lovely readers! Well I thought I would stop by to wish you a most merry Christmas. I hope that your day has been amazing, a hitch-free Christmas dinner, kids delighted with their presents and with any luck…

Christmas house tour 2016 - Girl about townhouse

Christmas house tour – Part 2

The Christmas house tour 2016 continues! Welcome back to my pad! Are you ready for round two? Let’s continue the Christmas home tour where we left off, shall we? If you haven’t seen part one of the Christmas home…

Christmas house tour 2016 - Girl about townhouse

Christmas Home Tour 2016: Part 1

Come on over to my house! Let’s take a Christmas home tour. OMG Hello there, through the powers of the internet you’ve virtually arrived on my doorstep! Don’t mind me, I’m probably just shoving away the Hoover and pretending…